Informatica 10 Certification – Sample questions

PowerCenter Data Integration 10: Developer, Specialist Certification

This test measures your competency in building PowerCenter objects on basic and advanced levels in order to make optimal use of the Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor tools. Additionally you will be tested on your ability to use transformations, build and run workflows, and further test your abilities to work as part of a data integration development team.

Sample Test Questions

1. Which of the following is the default Transaction Control transformation variable value?

2. Which one of the following transformations may be unconnected in a valid mapping?(choose one)
A. Lookup
B. Lookup and Source Qualifier
C. Lookup and Transaction Control
D. Lookup, Source Qualifier, or Transaction Control

3. True or False? A Web Service Hub can be associated with more than one PowerCenter Repository Service
D. False.

4. In which of the following selections are all of the transformations active?
A. Expression, Router, Joiner
B. Update Strategy, Expression, Aggregator
C. Stored Procedure, Joiner, Router
D. Router, Update Strategy, Joiner

5. Which transformations contain the Transformation Scope property?
A. Filter, Joiner, Rank
B. Union, Filter, Aggregator
C. Rank, Lookup, Aggregator
D. The Aggregator, Joiner, Rank, Sorter

6. Metadata is stored in……………………….?
A. Database
B. Flat file
C. Repository

7. Following filter condition used in filter IIF(ISNULL(FIRST_NAME), TRUE,FALSE). If All the rows having NULL as FIRST_NAME…………………………………..?
A. This will give error at run time and the record will be logged in the session log file
B. Will bw discarded
C. The condition is invalid
D. Will be passed to the next transformation

8. Which PowerCenter component cannot be made Highly Available?
A. PowerCenter Repository Service
B. PowerCenter Integration Service
C. PowerCenter Reporting Service
D. Gateway Node

9. In a PowerCenter mapping, a database deadlock has been created. What are the results?
A. The mapping immediately fails.
B. The mapping fails after the database resilience period has passed.
C. The mapping fails after sending a notification.
D. A database deadlock does not cause a failure.

10. In the TO_CHAR (date) function, what do the format strings D,DD, and DDD produce?
A. Character day of week, character day of month, and character day of year respectively
B. Day of week, day of month, and Julian date since 4713 B.C. 00:00:00 (midnight) respectively
C. Each produces numerical day of week
D. Numerical day of week, day of month, and day of year respectively

11. Why should the SETCOUNTVARIABLE function be used only once in a pipeline?
A. This may cause the SETCOUNTVARIABLE to set to the value 0.
B. This may cause inconsistent results when you use the same variable function multiple times in a mapping
C. This may cause a runtime error in the session.
D. This may cause a runtime error in the workflow

12. Which of the following transformations may be unconnected in a valid mapping?
A. Lookup, stored procedure, external procedure
B. Lookup, stored procedure, java
C. Java, lookup, transaction control
D. Transaction control, java, lookup

13. Which of the following type of sources are supported for sorter transformation?
A. relational database & flat files
B. relational database & COBOL files
C. relational database & COBOL files & FLAT FILES
D. relational database ONLY

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