Informatica certification – Rank Transformation

How many Ranks ports are allowed in a Rank Transformation?
Ans:- Only ONE.

Ans:- It is an output port to which the integration service store the ranking position for each row in a group.

Why Rank is an active transformation?
Ans:- Rank transformation might change the number of rows passed through it.

Can we use Expression in Rank tranformation?
Ans:- Yes, We can use expressions to transform data or perform calculations.

What are the different types of rank options?
Ans:- Top & Bottom rank of data.

Can we use string port as Rank port?
Ans:- Yes.

Can we Rank string values?
Ans:- Yes. Integration Service calculates the binary value of each string, and returns the highest/Lowest binary values for the string. (In ASCII data movement mode)

Does the Rank transformation use Caches?
Ans:- Yes. We can configure Data & Index cache.

How the data is being stored in caches?
Ans:- The Integration Service stores group information in an index cache and row data in a data cache.

Can we use same cache in multiple partition?
Ans:- No. Integration Service creates separate caches for each partition.

Can we use multiple groups in Rank transformation?
Ans:- Yes. We can configure multiple port as Group by ports.

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