Informatica Interview Questions and Answers

1. Differentiate between Source Qualifier and Filter Transformation?
2. What are the different ways to remove Duplicate records in Informatica?
3. What are the differences between Source Qualifier and Joiner Transformation?
4. Differentiate between joiner and Lookup Transformation.
5. What is Lookup Transformation? Explain the types of Lookup transformation.
6. How can you increase the performance of joiner transformation?
7. What are the types of Caches in lookup?
8. Why update strategy and union transformations are Active?
9. Differentiate between Router and Filter Transformation?

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Informatica Interview Questions – Scenarios 

1. How do you load only null records into target?
2. How do you load alternate records into different tables?
3. How do you load first and last records into target table?
4. Having 100 records in source table, how to load 1, 5,10,15,20…..100th records into target table?
5. How do you load unique records into one target table and duplicate records into a different target table?
6. How to load into single target table from two different source structure tables?
7. How do you load more than 1 Max Sal in each Department through Informatica ?
8. How do you convert single row from source into three rows into target?
9. I have three same source structure tables. But, I want to load into single target table?
10. How to join three sources using joiner?
11. How do you update the records without using Update Strategy?

Try to answer yourself ! If need help – Refer the answers here.

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