PowerCenter Express Overview

PowerCenter Express Overview

— Its a single unified enterprise data integration platform.

— Use PowerCenter Express to design and implement data integration solutions.

— Use it to extract data from multiple sources, transform the data according to business logic, and load the transformed data to targets. (ETL)

— PowerCenter Express includes the Informatica domain, clients, server and repositories.

— The PowerCenter Express application clients, application services, and repositories are components that run within the Informatica domain.

— The Informatica domain is the fundamental administrative unit in Informatica.

— The architecture of informatica power center is based on SOA (Service oriented architecture) concept.

— PowerCenter Express components that run within the Informatica domain are

1. Application Client
2. Application Services (Server)
3. Repositories

Application Client

— A group of clients that you use to access underlying Informatica functionality.
— The Informatica domain includes the following application clients for PowerCenter Express.

1. Informatica Developer (The Developer tool)
2. Informatica Administrator (The Administrator tool)

Informatica Developer (Developer Tools) is part of informatica client that can be used to design and implement data integration solutions. The main four components of developer tools are …

1. Repository Manager (R)
2. Designer (D)
3. Workflow Manager (W)
4. Workflow Monitor (M)

Informatica PowerCenter Repository Manager
Informatica PowerCenter Designer
Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager
Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Monitor

Informatica Administrator (Administrator tool) is also part of informatica client that consolidates the administrative tasks for domain objects such as services, connections, and licenses. Administrators manage the domain and the security of the domain through the Administrator tool.

informatica-application client-administrator-tool
Informatica Application Client Administrator Tool

Application Services (Server)

— A group of services that represent server-based functionality.
— The Informatica domain includes the following application services.

1. Model Repository services
2. Data Integration services

Data Integration Service is an application service that runs data integration jobs for the Developer tool and external clients. It includes previewing data and running profiles, mappings, and workflows.

Model Repository Service is an application service that manages the Model repository. The Model repository is a relational database that stores the metadata for projects.

Administrator PowerCenter Integration Service
Administrator Powercenter Repository Service


Repositories are a group of relational databases that store metadata about objects and processes required to handle user requests from application clients.

1. Model Repository
2. Profile warehouse
3. Domain configuration repository

Model repository is a relational database that stores the metadata for projects. The Model repository also stores run-time and configuration information for applications that are deployed to a Data Integration Service.

Profile warehouse is a relational database that the Data Integration Services uses to store profile results.

Domain configuration repository is a set of domain metadata tables stored in a relational database. Each time an administrator makes a change to the domain, the Service Manager writes the change to the domain configuration repository.


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