How To Propagate Port Attributes

Propagating Port Attributes

When you edit a port name in a transformation, by default, the Designer propagates references to that port in the expressions, conditions, and other ports in that transformation. You can also propagate changed attributes throughout the mapping.

The Designer propagates ports, expressions, and conditions. 

  • We can propagate changes forward, backward, or in both directions.
  • Propagate attributes like port name, datatype, precision, scale, and description.
  • Propagate changes to dependencies along a link path or to implicit dependencies within a transformation.


Propagating Port Attributes
Sample mapping to propagate the Source qualifier port attributes to expression.
Propagating Port Attributes
Select the required ports which needs to be propagated and right click to get the option ‘Propagate Attributes’.
Propagating Port Attributes
Just preview and see what are the ports going to change in the mapping.
Propagating Port Attributes
Propagate the ports, all the ports attributes have been propagated to downstream transformation.
Expression – All the port attributes like Name, Datatype, Precision, Scale and description got propagated.

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