Stored Procedure transformation​ in Informatica​

​Stored ​Procedure

  • A stored procedure is a precompiled collection of Transact-SQL, PL-SQL or other database procedural statements and optional flow control statements, similar to an executable script.
  • Stored procedures are used to automate tasks that are too complicated for standard SQL statements.
  • Stored procedures are stored and run within the database.
  • The stored procedure must exist in the database before creating a Stored Procedure transformation

Stored Procedure Transformation​ in Informatica​

  • The Stored Procedure transformation is a passive transformation.
  • The Stored Procedure transformation can be connected or unconnected.
  • Stored procedures has​ ​the ability to send data to the stored procedure, and receive data from the stored procedure.
  • What are the three types of data that​ ​pass between the Integration Service and the stored procedure​?

​Input/output parameters
​Return Values
Status codes

  • What are the different options for running a Stored Procedure transformation​?​

Normal​ ​(By Default)
Pre-load of the Source
Post-load of the Source
Pre-load of the Target
Post-load of the Target

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