XML Transformations

XML Transformations in Informatica

What are the different types of XML transformations?
Ans:- XML Source Qualifier Transformation, XML Parser Transformation and XML Generator Transformation.

What is XML Source Qualifier transformation?
Ans:- It defines the data elements that the integration service reads from a XML source definition.

XML Source Qualifier transformation is an​ ​…….​ ​transformation?
Ans:- Active

What is​ ​XML Parser Transformation?
Ans:- It extract XML data inside the pipeline from a single input port and pass the data to one or more output ports.

XML​ ​Parser​ ​transformation is an​ ​…….​ ​transformation?
Ans:- Active

What is XML Generator Transformation?
Ans:- It create XML data inside a pipeline. It accept data from multiple input ports and writes XML through a single output port.

XML​ ​generator​ ​transformation is an​ ​…….​ ​transformation?
Ans:- Active

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